Friday, December 21, 2007

The Evening Run

After a day off yesterday I was eager to get out and stretch the legs. I am heading back to Onterrible tomorrow in the early afternoon, so I wanted to get in a longer run this evening. I went out into the darkness, which came as early as it will come this year, and made my way to Ironworkers' Memorial Bridge. I had it in my mind that I wanted to make this a strength run so it seemed to make sense that I would go up. I crossed the bridge, the water beneath me making its escape to the ocean as I escaped into the forest. The climb to the gazebo in Lynn Valley (or Canyon or Creek - I don't which one it is) Park is 25 minute climb up road, through a graveyard and finally along a dirt road.

The funny thing about hills is that they only last about 10 minutes, no matter the distance. After that first 10 minutes, the hills disappear. You become accustomed to the slower pace, the shorter stride, the higher heart rate. You accept the hill, and continue.

I turned at 42:30 and made my way back down the hill, covering the distance to the bottom of the hill in 15 minutes, 5 minutes faster than it had taken my to ascend. I meandered back over the bridge, along the TransCanada Trail and then home. A beautiful evening run.

Tomorrow I will be joining Eric to run the first 45 minutes of the Knee Knacker course, which is basically 45 minutes of climbing. I have run the last part of the Knee Knacker course a few times now, so I am interested in seeing the start. And after that it will be the snow of Ontario underneath my feet.
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