Tuesday, February 12, 2008

20k later

Tuesday is usually reserved for tempo workouts, but seeing as I had just finished one on Sunday (my half-marathon race) I opted for a longer run today (although, ironically, not quite as long as the tempo on Sunday).  I went out for 20k after getting home later due to a meeting at school.  I left in the late dusk and felt the night fall on my shoulders.  I did a loop of the Mt. Seymour Parkway and Dollarton Highway (for those in the know).  The wind on the Ironworker's Memorial bridge was brisk, but not overwhelming as it has been in the past.

The first third of the run was interesting, as I felt a little lightheaded and lightfooted.  I settled in a little later and from then on things just felt smooth.  Turnover was not effortless, but I felt as though I was moving over the ground well.  I was not waning in energy and felt good even though I could see the bridge in the far off distance.  The air was not cold enough to chill, but I definitely was not warm.  I considered my dear friends in Ontario and appreciated the run all the more.  

90 minutes of a solid run.  Good for a Tuesday.

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