Monday, February 04, 2008

A case of the Mondays

Well, the second semester started today and no mister nice guy teacher.  I am laying down the law now, kicking butt and taking names (to the office).

But as for training, it is a day off.  After a fast workout on Thursday, a tough snowshoe on Saturday and 25k on Sunday, I am going to take tonight off.  I have a big tempo tomorrow, so a little rest (read: absorbing the training) is in order.  

I have also just ordered Again to Carthage.  I got my copy of Once A Runner back from a good friend in England (I hope she read it!), so it reminded me that I wanted the sequel to read before (or on the way to) Boston.  

Oh yeah, and about Boston - stupid Air Canada has changed my Boston itinerary FOUR times now!  I mean, get it right!  I am just got bumped from a first class portion of the trip (from Toronto to Boston) because they changed the plane that they were using (the new one doesn't have a first class section).  I phoned Aeroplan (I booked it on points) and they basically said, too bad.  After having them lose my luggage on a flight from London, Ontario to Vancouver, and now this itinerary run around, I am (for the first time) yearning for some (Canadian-owned) competition for Air Canada.  

Ok, rant is over.  I am going to go and continue to read Three Day Road because 1. it is really good and 2. I want to start some more books.  

(One last parenthetical statement to end the post).

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