Friday, February 22, 2008

Weekend Running

Jen and Trevor made it over safely for dinner and Wii in Burnaby.  I got caught up on the Victoria gossip (Jazz didn't tell me he got married - jerk!  How do I mend a broken heart?) and I definitely envious that they will be at GM Place for the Canucks game tomorrow against the Red Wings.  The way the 'nucks have been playing it should be an amazing game.

It was a day off for me and since the snow on Wednesday was not very good, I am going to forego my snowshoe run tomorrow and instead join up with the VFAC Saturday workout.  Sunday will see me on the trails with Simon, getting my arse handed to me bit by bit, hill by hill.

Hopefully the weather holds for the weekend so that I can bask in sun and relative warmth!

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