Sunday, February 03, 2008

Long Run Sunday

Today was a beautiful day in Vancouver.  I met up with Andrea for lunch, caught up on what was going on n our lives (Hi Dave!) and then I went to scout out the First Half Half Marathon route for next week (an aside - check out the race preview on their website - there is NO escaping talent in this town).  Coach John had me down for 25k today, so I ran from Broadway and Hemlock to the start of the race and then tried my best to follow the map of the route.  Essentially, the route takes us on a loop around BC Place and then a large loop of the seawall in Stanley Park.  As I said, today was beautiful and so the seawall was a popular place to be this afternoon.  I made my way through the throngs of people and enjoyed the views of the mountains and ocean, understanding why so many people love this city.  

(I didn't take the picture of Brockton Lighthouse on the seawall, but ran through it today.)

It was a base run today, so I took it easy, especially after the race yesterday.  I felt good for most of the run but my quads started to shake a little near the end of the run.  It wasn't a big deal, and I just cruised in the rest of the run.  Overall, a good run on a perfect day.  I am praying for no more snow.
Bryan Tasaka, former race director of the wonderful Gutbuster Trail Race Series, sent me these pics from the race yesterday.  The second one depicts pure relief that it was over.
The mass start.  I couldn't see anything for about 400m because of all the snow that was kicked up by the snowshoes.  That and the white out conditions.
The end had finally arrived!

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