Wednesday, September 17, 2008

And, we're outside

Burnaby Lake trails

Unfortunately, due to a cold, the friends that Sonja and I were to meet for our run had to send their regrets.  However, that did not stop Sonja and I from making our way to Burnaby Lake for a little run - my first true run outside since the morning of July 12.  

Vancouver has been blessed recently with summer weather, but it is supposed to disappear tomorrow, so we enjoyed our 24 degree afternoon while we had it.  In advance of a cross country race this weekend, I wanted to see how my foot would handle being outside.  Sonja and I started our run together, navigating our way through swarms of little bugs that decided to gather in the way of all oncoming runners.  Lemming-like in their desire to die, the bugs attached themselves to our skin, only to be crushed as we tried in vain to brush them off of us.  

After deciding we had had enough protein for the evening, we decided to head back to the parking lot.  I wanted to try some race pace running, so I went ahead, and to my pleasant surprise my foot felt great.  That is not to say that I wasn't aware of it, but it was much better than I had imagined it was going to be.  That was the good news.  The bad news was that tonight was a reminder of the fitness that I have lost during my downtime from running.  3:30 min/km was a struggle this evening when not two months ago that was tempo pace for me.  I know that it will all come back in time, but it was humbling and reminded me of the consistent work that I am going to have to put in this winter so that I am ready for the spring races.  I am not afraid of the work, but it is always difficult to look at the mountain from the bottom.  That means it is time to start climbing.  And I am glad to be able to be outside to do it.

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