Monday, September 01, 2008

T-minus 11 hours

Welcome back, Kotter!  A show that was on while I was alive, but too young to watch.  I have been told that my longer-haired self resembles Kotter, and it is said that I work with the Sweathogs, but I should watch some of the classic television series to see the comparisons for myself.

Tomorrow is the first day of school and while I am excited, I am sad to be leaving vacation mode.  I had a restful summer and I feel ready to begin anew, but the unresolved runnning goals of the summer are starting to haunt me a little.  I definitely wanted to run today, but heeded the advice of Dr. Leblanc, "Don't run two days in a row until there is no pain."  I didn't really feel any pain today, but I should allow my body to continue to heal, rather than give into the mind's desire to push it.  

I was glad to see that Hurricane Gustav didn't do its worst, but sad to see that we are going to polls in the near future.  Can't we all just get along?

Today's activity was playing on the Wii Fit, which is surprisingly good.  I was very skeptical when we first got it, thinking that I was too good for it, but I got my butt handed to me when it pronounced my Wii Age as 49!  I have since lowered my age, but there is some gold in that game, especially when considering that it will be getting people off the couch.  I am most impressed with the strength and balance games, but the yoga and the aerobic games are fun as well.  Not as challenging as Turbulence Training, but fun for an off day when I wouldn't have done any core work if it wasn't there. 

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Anonymous said...

Ah the Wii. I love ours. Haven't tried the Fit, but I'm addicted to Guitar Hero and Mario Kart.