Tuesday, September 02, 2008

A new home!(?)

Hurried for time due to our chance at winning a new home in the PNE draw tonight, Sonja and I quickly completed our Turbulence Training workouts.  It was good because we have wanted to see how quickly the workouts could be done, but never had incentive to rush until this evening.  
I was done the strength part of the workout in little over 30 minutes, but then went to buy salmon from the fish market, only to find that they were sold out of fresh salmon, which meant that I had to run the 1 mile to Safeway to wait behind a guy who wanted to know how much a whole frozen salmon cost, much to the chagrin of the fish counter girl who didn't know the code for a whole fish so when she told him $35 dollars he said "Forget it! I'll go catch my own fish for that much!" and promptly left, but meanwhile I have been waiting for 5 minutes, sweating and worrying, and all I wanted was a fresh Coho fillet, which I finally got, and paid for and then ran the mile back to the car to find Sonja, who had finished her intervals in the gym, looking for me at the other fish shop, which didn't have the fish.  I was out of breath by the time I got back.

Suffice it to say that dinner was divine and we do not have a new house.

And I ran outside for the first time in 7.5 weeks!


Joe said...

Whatta ya mean, by the way I ran... that's awesome. That's not a by the way, that's a I RAN OUTSIDE TODAY.


Unknown said...

Thanks. It was more a matter of running out of necessity (to get my dinner and get back to the car to get home to see us not win the house), but it was outside nonetheless. And the foot felt great today (the day after), so that is encouraging. I will be patient, but the time is approaching!