Thursday, September 04, 2008

The treadmill is getting boring

I think that is a good sign.  When I first got back to running, I loved the treadmill.  The 10 minutes passed quickly and with a smile on my face.  Even the next few times I went on the tready it was easy and fun.  Just running was fun at that point.

Tonight I began to watch the clock.  I wanted the minutes to pass faster.  I wanted to be done and off.  This is good because it means that I am settling back into running and as such, I am no longer satisfied to be just running, but rather, I need to be running outside.  I am not going to do anything crazy, but I think the time is nearing where running outside will become my reality again.  The foot felt quite good during my 25 minutes, so I am encouraged.

I also completed Workout A from the Turbulence Training program I am following.  Lots of core and legs tonight, but I also threw in some of the chin-up/knee-ups that Craig has written about.  The one thing that I am really enjoying about this program is the noticeable difference in strength each week.  I recognize that the increase in strength is as a result of more neural connections with the muscle, but that works for me.  I am definitely not looking to gain mass, but rather use what I have more effectively.

I am going to try a little outdoor run (not just to get my dinner) on Saturday.  I am excited.

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