Friday, March 07, 2008

8 days, 4 races

This is not quite the ENDURrun, but it is as close as I am going to get in the early season.  I am racing in the National Snowshoe Championships tomorrow at Cypress Mountain.  Sunday is the Harry's Spring Run Off 8k in support of prostate cancer research.  Next Saturday is a St. Patrick's Day 5k and then the Sunday is the Comox Valley Half Marathon.  A whole lot of racing prior to me going home to Ontario for March Break.  I am definitely training through the races in preparation for Boston in April, but it will be good to sharpen the edge that comes with racing.

Our workout last night at the track was not what we were expecting.  Based on the previous workouts, I thought that we were in for all-out 800's or 1k's, two or three at the most with full rest.  Instead, John dropped 5 x 800 with short rest (200m or 1:30-1:45).  We were to go 2:22-ish for the five.  Thank goodness that Jay and Paul were there to pull my butt through the workout.  Paul is running so strong right now and Jay is finding track legs he didn't know he had.  We warmed up with a 66s 400m before launching into the workout.  Initially I thought that holding 71s for 400m wouldn't be that tough, especially as we had been running 61s of late.  However, the short rest is what gets ya!  We worked well together (and by work well together I mean that Jay and Paul did most of the work), and I went 2:24, 2:18, 2:22, 2:18, 2:21.  We were all within 3 seconds of each other for all the 800s, so it was a solid workout for everyone.  I am pleased with how this week went - I felt stronger and more rested than last week even though I ran more.  

Tomorrow will be interesting.  I have called out Simon, so I fully expect to get my butt handed to me.  As well, he and I drew into the Knee Knacker.  There is a lottery each year as they are only able to have 200 starters on the line.  Unfortunately, Eric didn't get in.  This is entirely disappointing because of the amount of effort he puts into the trail running community.  He is also a former 3rd place finisher at the Knee Knacker.  And, lastly, I wanted to kick his butt!  He is going to train with Simon and I, but it will still kind of suck that he isn't on the start line with us.  Maybe he can be our support team?

Lots of race reports to come.  Stay tuned.  If you are bored, read this.

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