Monday, March 17, 2008

Eating and Sleeping

Two words that best describe Michael James.  I am now back in Toronto for a few days before heading to London.  I had the chance to meet my nephew for the first time; he is a wonderful young man, but if he isn't eating, then he is falling asleep while eating.  It was still pretty surreal to hold him and realize that he was in my sister's stomach not two weeks ago.  

No ill affects from the run yesterday.  I am still pretty happy about the whole thing.  I forget to whom I was speaking when I said this yesterday, but my race yesterday has caused me to rethink a few things.  Nothing drastic, like trying to make Olympic standard or anything, but just to rethink where I place myself on the running continuum.  At the very high end you have Kenyans and the like, running 26 minutes for 10k.  At the international level we have some Canadians who flirt with 27 minutes.  On the national level there are a bunch of people who can go sub-30.  I list these times to illustrate that I am no where near the high end of the running continuum, but I am have to start considering that I have moved a little closer to it.  For many years I thought that I could be a 34:00, maybe a 33:45 10k guy.  Those are good times.  But I didn't see 1:12 coming, and this has thrown me for a loop.  The equivalent 10k time for that 1/2 marathon is (according to the Prairie Inn Harrier's Race Calculator) a  32:48.  I have not considered running sub-33 and yet I obviously need to.  Running fast is not just training, but like most things in life, has a component of belief in it.  I have to start that process now - believing that I can run times like that.  When it I will actually post those times is another story, but the belief has just started.
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