Thursday, March 20, 2008

Oh Toronto!

Not many updates as the internet isn't available in Pickering (or at least in my mom's house in Pickering). 

Tuesday - 35k in the sleet and wind.  I finished the run without feeling in my hands or the left side of my face (the wind was coming from the east).

Wednesday - An easy 10k around Pickering.  No sleet.  Much better.

Thursday - 2 x 17 min tempo around Mt. Pleasant Cemetery.  Lots of hangin' out with the little dude.  Very cool.  Legs are a little sore from Tuesday, but not as sore as they will be after the 38k on Sunday.


Michael said...

Have fun on Sunday, I'll be thinking of you as I head out for a long run (Monday).

Happy training!

AddictedToEndorphins said...

Hey there,
Found you're blog while goggling Around The Bay. You're fast!

Toronto is a nice little place isn't it..
Are you training for something that's a longer distance than a marathon, because 38k training runs seem verryyy long.
Have fun on Sunday, it's not going to be that cold.

Sean K said...

Isn't training in Ontario fun in the winter?!