Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Faux Gutars, Taxes, Idol, and Rest

An eclectic night of Guitar Hero, filing taxes, going for an easy 45 minute run and watching some American Idol.

1. Guitar Hero - I am on the medium level and getting three stars.  It is kind of fun, but kind of weird.  I get songs stuck in my head and the streaming notes flicker in my head when I lay in bed, invade my dreams when I finally in sleep.

2. Taxes - did them on a whim tonight.  A good return, thankfully.  Doing taxes online is such an easy process.

3. EZ run - went along the Trans-Canada trail in the fading (albiet later than usual) sunlight.  Listened to sport news podcasts and enjoyed the rest.

4. American Idol - ok, I NEVER watch American Idol, but with the American Idol Wii game coming out, and the contestants singing Lennon/McCartney songs, we watched it during dinner.  It wasn't as horrific as I thought it would be, with some performances actually being ok.  But it was more fun watching Ryan Seacrest and Simon Cowell hate each other, and guessing if Paula Abdula was drunk or high.

Last night, during my day off, I planned out my trail racing schedule for the summer.  I am excited to do the Iron Knee 25k on May 31 and I am considering doing Comfortably Numb 25k in June for the 4th time.  I am also excited to go to the Island in June for the Gutbuster Half-Marathon in Nanaimo - one of the most perfect courses I have ever run!  July will see the infamous Knee Knacker 30 miler and August is the ENDURrun.  The other trail races will occur in the fall, with the 5Peaks at Buntzen Lake and the Iron Lung 20k in September, the Hallow's Eve 1/2 Marathon in October and the Gunner Shaw races in late November (Victoria) and early December (Vancouver).  I have all these races before (save the Knee Knacker and Iron Lung 20k), but I love the challenge of revisiting a course to better my time.  And as a guy who eats Peanut Butter and Jam sandwiches every single day for lunch, I don't mind doing the same thing more than once.  


Jarhead said...

PB & J every day!?!

That's some serious repetition training.

Anonymous said...

PB & J? Hmmm...uh...he kinda comes about it naturally. Seems it's sorta my mainstay lunch too.

B's D

Anonymous said...

nice spelling... you call yourself a teacher?
"EZ? " "gutars" "paula abdula"
you crack me up.