Thursday, March 13, 2008

Bright Night

Last night was the first night that we were able to snowshoe in the light.  It was a very different experience in a few ways; first, we were able to see where we were going and second, a small "advanced" group allowed for us to go exploring.  Eric led the group as we went on a few new trails and caught some spectacular views.  The snow was pretty good as there has been a little powder from earlier in the week.  This was my last week guiding as I will be in Ontario next week, ironically, likely running in snow.  

Tonight was parent-teacher interviews, so no run for me.  I will get out tomorrow and have a light run before the races this weekend.  I am not too worried about the races - just training through them.  

And for those that know, LOST is getting a little crazier.

1 comment:

jnuh said...

I've only seen about 20 seconds of Lost.
It was of some gigantic fat guy running in slow motion on the beach.
I thought it sufficient.