Monday, March 03, 2008

If it's Monday then it must be raining

Man, it was cold here today.  Not Toronto cold, but Vancouver cold, where the air makes skin impermeable to the chilled rain that is held in its grasp.

As a result of the cold rain and a weird smell (that we figure was a result of the combination of nearby oil refinery and rain), we spent this evening in the gym.  It was nice to set the treadmill to a nice easy pace and turn my brain off - no hills, no pace times, no distances.  It was about recovery tonight and my legs felt the better for it afterward. 

I have been working behind the scenes to put together a relay team for the ENDURrun and I think I have been successful this year.  I have a tentative team ready to go and a few backups in case things fall through.  I am excited about the chance to have friends at each of the stages, but with 28 people registered in the full race, I am sure that I will have many people to talk to (in 2006 there were just 5 of us registered in the Ultimate category!).

I was also fortunate to receive confirmation of an elite bib in this weekend's Harry's Spring Run Off.  It is an 8k in Stanley Park in support of Prostate Cancer research.  It will be fun as VFAC has put together a team to go for the fastest combined time.  It will also allow me to make up for my last foray into the 8k a couple of months ago.

The sun is supposed to come back tomorrow, so here's hoping!   

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