Saturday, March 10, 2007

Bazan Bay 5k (World Championships) Tomorrow!

Tomorrow will be epic. Especially if there is rain. 1600 people moving in a figure eight route, trying to cover 5k as quickly as possible. This will make for an interesting post tomorrow.

As for the past couple of days...

Friday was a fun run with the kids - by kids I mean very fast 18-22 year olds training at the National Triathlon Centre. Another life ago I too trained at the NTC, but I am an old man now, trying to keep up with the whippersnappers. I followed Yoda out to the workout (more figuratively following as I rode beside him in the car after following him out the door) at Lochside trail, a venue I have not done a workout at in quite sometime. I do take my school kids out there for training, but my own training has not taking me to the tree lined trail in quite some time. After owning the kids in an Ultimate Frisbee-like game known as "Ball Game", we took the trail for 2x (4 x 40 seconds with 1:20 rest). I ran faster than I should have but had fun. It is fun to be around the energy of the young ones every so often, reminding of what it was like when Darren, Kate, Kevin, and I piled into my car and drove sleepily to swims 5 mornings a week.

Duration - 1:05

This morning saw the Club Mud group take on the 5k loop at Thetis Lake. I ran pretty conservatively, but was thoroughly impressed with the rest of the group. They are coming along very nicely, getting fitter, stronger, and faster.

Duration - 1:48

Weekly Totals

Duration - 8:06
Sessions - 7
Days off - 1
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