Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Chaos Abounds

Ok, this is even going to be quicker than the post I just wrote and lost when my browser crashed. I am going slightly crazy with everything that occurring in the few days before I leave for Ontario.....

Bazan Bay was fun.

Sprint finish with Shane (again - see Cedar 12k)

Pleased with result, especially leading into Around the Bay on the 25th.

1k -3:15
2k - 3:16
3k - 3:19
4k - 3:25
5k - 3:08 (see sprint finish)

Total 16:28.

Monday I felt strong on an hour run along the Waterfront. Low HR and surprisingly fresh.

Tuesday was a great workout with Hicham as he prepares for the Comox Half Marathon this weekend. 2 x 10 minute tempo with 5 minutes recovery between. Not fast or light, but strong the whole way. We both felt it tonight as we had heavy legs.

Tonight was fun with the two clinics. Almost two hours of very light running spread over two workouts. I am feeling good leading into my taper for Around the Bay, so we will see how things go over the next week. I fly back to Toronto on Saturday and then spend some time in London and Chatham before settling into Hamilton for the remainder of the week.

My favourite foods include cinnamon buns, dark chocolate, banana bread, all types of fruit (especially berries), Ben and Jerry's ice cream (especially Half Baked), Annie's Shells and Cheddar Cheese (purple box), french toast, and salmon. But I like other food as well.

Just in case anyone was ever wondering.

PS. I found an elevation chart for the Iceland race - exciting! It turns out that it is mostly downhill after an ugly first 10k. That is a good thing for me.

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