Wednesday, March 21, 2007

I may or may not be on TV tonight

If you haven't watched The Hour, you really should. It is a good source of information and entertainment. The host, George Strombopolous is a former DJ, VJ, and host of the failed American Idol rip-off The One. However, he is a really cool guy with a unique take on information in an industry so concerned with telling us what to believe.

Sonja and I were able to sit in on a taping of The Hour today. If you are in Toronto and have an afternoon free, I would highly recommend emailing for the free tickets. It was an interesting perspective to see a show taped, but it was even more interesting to hear him answer questions from the audience in between commercial breaks and before the show began. What you see is what you get.

No run today, but much walking around Toronto. Bought a rhyming dictionary for the benefit of the emerging poets in my class. And another short story book so they don't have to suffer old, tired short stories.

Tomorrow will be a morning run. I promise.

I was inspired by Mike's blog today. I haven't read it in awhile, so catching up on his race last weekend was a good thinking point leading into my race this weekend. It is not the outcome that determines if our running is meaningful - no, the act of running is in itself meaningful. The result of a single race does not validate the many hours of training that preceded it. The hours themselves validate the attempt. The understanding occurs during the attempt. The learning occurs after.

I have been wondering about my approach to the race - questioning myself in the same manner as Mike did prior to his race. In speaking to people (who, incidentally, are not racing, but have run it before), they have suggested that I look to run faster than I was planning.

from Mike's blog...
“If you could do anything & be guaranteed not to fail, what would it be?"

An interesting question, indeed. There are more hours to come, so what would I try today?
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