Saturday, March 03, 2007

Wow. Monday seems a long time ago....

Hey Sportsfans.

After dragging my butt for the first few days of the week, I am rounded into form on Thursday. This concept of running WITH people is interesting - I shall continue the experiment. This end of this week saw me join in on a couple of friends' workouts as they prepare for their big races.

Hicham is on his rest week as he gets ready for the Comox Half Marathon and Vancouver Sun Run, so we hooked up for a shorter fartlek run around Oak Bay. Throughout the run I felt heavy and lagging, never discovering the smoothness that I had felt on Sunday. My winter consisted of long runs with a HR under 155 bpm (see: Maffetone), so as my legs failed to find their form, I wondered about the effect that races are having on my recovery. I stayed on Hicham's shoulder throughout the run, as we covered ground between Oak Bay Marina, Willows beach and Cattle Point. The sun was gracing us with it's presence interrupting what feels like constant November Rain. We appreciated the views, the windless evening, and the many dogs running around on the beach. Hicham was good enough to run with me for another 40 minutes after the workout as I passed time before giving a talk to the TC 10k clinic at the Windsor Park Pavilion.

Duration - 1:20:00
AHR - 148
MHR - 165

Thursday was Mike day. He of the London Marathon program was in the midst of a big week, having completed three days of doubles in this week. His workout for Friday called for a 10 minute tempo followed by 6 x 800m at goal marathon time, which translates like this; if you want to run a 2 hours 36 minutes for your marathon, your 800 time should be 2 minutes 36 seconds. Modified Yasso's for those in the know. On 90 seconds rest. The sun had had enough of Victoria and returned to warmer climes, leaving us with the famous sitting Victoria rain. This is rain that never actually hits the ground - the fine mist just hovers in the air, so that as you move through it you slowly, almost imperceptibly, become soaked. We met with Sylvan and Chris, who joined us for this evening of masochism. Both Chris and Sylvan had been on 2+ hour runs earlier this week, and thus, understandably, ran on fatigued legs.

The workout went well enough. The tempo was alright, feeling better than the night before. And the 800s actually went well after the first one, after which I turned to Mike and conceded that I might not be able to finish the workout. The first 800 felt awful, but, like the track does, she draws you in. The interval in all track workouts feels awful, but then you find your form, your rhythm. The gentle bends lulling you into a trance like state. The stable footing allowing for form to carry you through. Mike and I worked together pulling through the workout, as Chris finished his six and Sylvan, courageously said no to completing the 800s - he was always the smart one.

Duration - 1:27:00
AHR - 146
MHR - 176

And today's 2:15 in the trails of Gowland Tod Provincial Park with the Club Mud crew was epic. A beautiful morning of mist in a rain forest as we ascended the hill on where from McKenzie Bight to Jocelyn Hill. I didn't get anyone lost this year, and everyone made it back, with big smiles and wet shoes. A great morning.

Duration - 2:15:00
AHR - 123
MHR - 176

Weekly Totals
Duration - 9:30:00(ish)
Sessions - 8

Rounding out the week with three big runs brought my running time to over nine hours - way more than I was expecting.
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