Saturday, March 17, 2007

I'll tell you this....

If you get the chance, you should definitely hang out in the Maple Leaf Lounge at any airport you can. I am en route to Toronto to spend March Break in Hamilton, ultimately racing the Around the Bay on March 25th. However, I am too cheap to pay for a ticket and too lazy to book an aeroplan ticket early, so I ended using a few more points to get an Executive Class ticket, but there was a catch - a stop in Edmonton.

The flight leaving Edmonton was delayed, so I made my way to the Maple Leaf Lounge to plead my case to get in - delayed flight, executive class from Edmonton to Toronto, blah blah blah. But I didn't need to go that far as I was ALLOWED to come in. Me! Allowed!

After two bowls of Cream of Mushroom soup, an apple, apple juice, ginger ale, a dill pickle, three bags of vegetable chips, and some free internet, I am satiated. I am not sure how much more of the Lounge I can exhaust. I want to fax something just use their fax.

As for running, the past couple of days have been very much maintenance as allergies in Victoria hit me hard. I was worried about it being a cold, but Craig, after hearing one too many sneezing fits, made me take a Claritan, everything got better. However, I am still very tired, so the runs were "feel" runs - getting out the door for 30 minutes just to remember the motion of running.

Today is a travel day, so I won't be running (I mean, who could after lounging?).

A big shout out to my Club Mudders - it wasn't pretty when I left Victoria this morning - I hope that Caleb Pike went well. And to Mike and Hicham - have a great run tomorrow at Comox! I will be checking results.

Duration - 30 minutes
Duration - 30 minutes
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