Friday, March 30, 2007

Fly By

Negative Ghost Rider. The pattern is full.

For years after watching Top Gun, I wanted to be Maverick. Seeing how Tom Cruise has gone crazy in the last few years, I am glad that I was often relegated to the role of Goose.

Last night the run started out feeling surprisingly good. I will often tell the people that I coach that the best way to return to training after a race is to reverse your taper. This allows you to slowly increase your mileage again, while giving you an opportunity for a few bits of speed. This "wisdom" is neither age-old nor original, but it works as a general guide for those who are more inclined to sit on their bum after a great race. I believe that you need to respect the distance you raced, but not lose the feel of the road or rhythm of your training.

Last night was supposed to be about 45 minutes of base running, but it was pleasantly interrupted by a couple of fly bys by old training partners. A quick chat with Christina Briante just after I passed la casa Whitfield, was great. I haven't seen Tina in ages and it was great to hear of her plans to go to nursing school. Not three minutes later a car drove by and hanging out the window was Mr. Adam Campbell, home from Flagstaff. He pulled over at the end of Ross Bay cemetery, parked by the water fountain, and emerged from his car to talk to me - in an ski jacket and towel. Bright yellow at that. We had a great chat, made plans to meet up for some *gasp* morning runs, and I continued on my way.

The run continued on well. I considered how lucky we are in the Victoria running community, having such incredible places to run (the mountains were vibrant last night) and having such incredible people to run with (or into).

Wednesday was a good night, running with my clinics. I ended up doing a bunch of fartlek running - 2 on 2 off - the legs came around. Coupled with Thursday's run, I think that the feel is back. No intensity this weekend, but I feel confident getting back into some workouts next week.

Duration - 1:30 (between two clinics)

Duration - 40:32
AHR - 153

PS. I know Goose died. I am still trying to figure out what that means for me.
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