Friday, April 04, 2008

3 x 1 7/8 mile

I know!  I mean, really!  Who does that anymore?

The mile 7/8 loop is a well known loop (apparently, but not by me) that is run at Stanley Park.  There is a mile 5/8 loop as well, although I am not sure how to navigate that one, either.  But, we ran out to the start of the loop at which time I was informed that I would be performing three repetitions of said loop.  That's cool.  Or so I thought at the time.

We almost had the whole crew out for the first time last night.  Graeme and Simon made their appearances and Ynuk was back at it after having some flaring up of the IT Band again.  Jay was conspicuously absent, so we made fun of him (we also ran slower because he wasn't there leading the group out).  In Jay's absence, Simon took the lead as we embarked 3.01752k loop, it was great - the five of us tucked in tight and running as a team.  I thought of the Hansons Brooks Project and how they work together during their training.  We came through first loop between 9:21 and 9:31.  I was the 9:31.

The second loop felt better and faster, but I ended up going 9:31 again.  The group whiddled down to Simon and I for the last loop and although we felt good, we went 9:44.  Overall, a very good workout, especially after the Tuesday debacle.  The team feeling is really great amongst the group and we are all looking forward to the summer when we are able to run in shorts and t-shirts and HEAT!

So, tonight is rest.  21 and the casino with some teacher friends.  Sonja is going to win our rent.  Tomorrow is 5 x 3min with 2min rest.  Sunday is 30k and then the taper really hits full effect.  Good times.

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