Friday, April 11, 2008

Ah, taper...

So while tonight was a day off, yesterday was a day to test out the new shoes I just received from Brooks.  The new racing flat, the Racer ST, arrived at my door yesterday and I was eager to give them a go because I was considering them as my Boston shoe.  The look awesome and fit well, but they do have a degree of medial posting.  I have not worn a posted in shoe in about 6 years, so this feeling was simultaneously odd and familiar.  I gave the shoe 30 minutes and I loved everything about it except the posting.  To be fair, I felt the posting the most when I walking heavily on my heels looking for it, but I did feel to a lesser degree while running.  My concern is this - will it be enough to throw me out a little bit?  If so, then..

That Little Bit 
x 42.2km 
big change

Not sure how the change will be felt at 37k, so I think I will experiment with them throughout the summer, but rely on the known Brooks Burn as my race shoe.  It kind of makes me a little sad because the Racer ST had an amazing green in it that would have been appreciated by the Irish in Boston.

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