Wednesday, April 02, 2008

The second throw-away

While I appreciate that the sun is out and the rain is holding off for another day, it is still inexplicably cold out. This was one of the reasons I was a little slow getting out of the house last night. I was feeling ok, but the legs were a little heavy. I was also a little concerned about the tempo from last week; it is pretty rare that I will completely bail on a run, so I went back to the training log to see what had happened. What I found was surprising...

My tempo runs have all been performed on the dirt road leading into the Lynn Valley (or Creek?) park in North Vancouver. It is 3k downhill (from the Gazebo to the gate) and then 3k back uphill to the start of the run. What I found out was that my first two split (downhill and then back up) were my fastest two splits this year. But shortly after finishing the uphill (at 6k), things went downhill (pun intended) very very quickly. So, last night I resolved to go out more controlled and wind things up throughout the workout.

This worked for a little while. The first 6k were much more controlled and in line with previous splits, but from 9-12k my stomach went south. It was a very slow, but very deliberate, mad dash to the port-a-potty at 12k. I made it in time, but not by much (sorry for the info), and tried to start up again. I began the downhill portion feeling alright, but by 11k I was walking. Stomach cramps, low energy, fatigue were playing together and making my run miserable. I walked out the run and it became my second throw-away workout of the build.

I realize that I didn't lose any fitness last night. I may have even gained some from a decent 11k tempo, but my body is definitely fatigued and bordering on becoming sick. The long sleeps, scratchy throat, general fatigue are setting in, so I am about to bombard my immune system with goodness and rest. This is my first "good" marathon build, and I am beginning to understand what others have experienced during their marathon training.
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