Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Lost in Trailslation

It might have been the fact that last night's weather was so miserable that resulted in Sonja being the only one to show up to her run clinic, thus earning her the title of "Hardcore Runner".  It was the misery that was last night's weather that made today's unexpected sun (but cool air) so inviting.  Having heard earlier in the week that there was to be no break from the rain until Thursday, I took this opportunity to get out in the trails.  
My recovery has been coming along nicely.  For about 24 hours I considered running the Vancouver Marathon this coming weekend, but with two races already scheduled for May, and the realization that I was chasing my ego, I decided against the idea.  I am happy about that decision.
I went out running for fun tonight in the Lynn Creek Conservation Area and had a great time.  I even managed to get a little lost and had to navigate my way back, ending up running 20 minutes longer than I had planned, but happy to have found new trails.  As much fun as Boston was, I am not missing the training needed for a road marathon.

Duration: 1:20
Location: Deep in the forest of joy!
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