Sunday, April 27, 2008

Back on the horse

My Boston Marathon race report is complete.  Also check out Mike's Boston report for great pictures as well!

But today, I was excited to get back into the trails.  I drove over the bridge to North Shore and jumped into the trails in the Lower Seymour Conservation Area.  I was excited thrice as much as I usually would be for the following reasons: a. playing with the new Garmin 405 in the trails for the first time; b. running in the new Brooks Cascadia 3 for the first time; c. this was the first run that I felt free of training and recovery for Boston.

The run felt great.  The soft mulch underneath my feet and the quick steps over and around roots, bounding from rock to rock, climbing and descending with the lay of the land.  The sky was overcast, but the ground was dry and the air cool enough to keep the blood from my hands.  Brooks has this marketing campaign right now - Sole Mate.  As cheesy as it sounds, putting on the Cascadias and hitting the trails again was good for my soul.  A fun run, no pace times, no specified distance.  I am also still figuring out my new toy, and will have a decent review in a week or so.

As well, the TC10k was today in Victoria.  7 guys finished within 30 seconds for the win.  Jim Finn was a flying 2nd place in a great 30:36.  Other huge performances were Dylan Haight, an Oak Bay High runner and son of a Club Mudder as he went sub 33:00.  Shane, my trail running nemesis, had a great day breaking 34:00 (just kidding about the nemesis part, although I am excited to run with him at the Gutbuster in Nanaimo or possibly the Iron Knee?).  Liam, a new dad, had a solid 35:30 to welcome fatherhood to the training schedule.  Overall, it looks like a fast day out there with amazing results for many people.  I am glad that I left Victoria yesterday because it would have been too hard to watch everyone going so fast.  I would have been left on the sideline, aching to be in there.
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