Monday, February 26, 2007

I love Victoria weatherpeople

Please, keep calling for rain! You have called for rain for the past four days, yet these days have all been more than bearable.

Today's run was completed in a balmy 7 degrees with sun and very little wind. I ran "Babel" back to DVD4U, a small, ultra-nerdy, ultra-cool movie store in the Fairfield Plaza. From there it was a quick jaunt to King George Terrace, up the stairs, back down Denison to Fairfield, through Ross Bay Cemetery and home. Legs felt a little heavy, but that isn't surprising after the past few days. Heart rate was rather low, which is interesting. As mentioned earlier, I will continue to monitor the ol' HR and see how things progress.

In other news - Macs are sexy. And so is the new Airport Extreme. Check it out.

Duration - 40:00
AHR - 134 bpm
Weather - pleasing
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