Wednesday, November 21, 2007

"I'm throwing rocks tonight!"

name the movie.

No run tonight (I am taking more off days to allow for more recovery as I increase the intensity of other runs). As it was Jay's birthday, Sonja, Jay and I went out to a great Italian dinner at Vita Bella.

After a divine meal, we meandered over to BOWLING!!

The black lights were on and Salt'n'Peppa were in full effect. We strode confidently to our lane and proceeded to run 'tings. Jay bowled an impressive 168 and Sonja followed up with solid 99. I started with an 8 in the first frame and followed that up with 8 straight strikes. I was better than Jesus (not our Lord and Saviour, but Hey-zeus, from The Big Lebowski - see "name the movie"). I finished with a 239. I followed that game with a 121, dropping the average quite drastically.

This goes to show that you never know when your big performance will come. I am now worried about Gunner this weekend. Not so much because The Flying Finn is in it, but because I have used up all my good performance power on bowling.


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