Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saturday Morning Fog

And by fog, I mean rain that doesn't really fall. I think this is something that I will have to get used to here in Vancouver. However, being in the trails of Stanley Park in November Rain (ahh...G'n'R) is somewhat satisfying.

The workout today involved the famous 1 5/8 mile loop in Stanley Park. Apparently, if you speak to people who are in the know, they know ALL about it. There are records for it and a stake at halfway to let you know that you are, well, halfway. We did a full loop, 2/3 of a loop (2k) and 1/3 of the loop (1500m). John Hill, the VFAC coach, had us out there running hard, avoiding mud, dogs, walkers, and each other. It was a fun morning, especially when fast Jay showed up for the last two intervals. I ran well and felt good, although the first interval there was a little tightness in the hip flexors; however, after cresting the first hill it dissipated and the rest of the workout went well.

8:12 1 5/8 miles
6:08 2k (net downhill)
3:44 1500m (net downhill)

In more exciting news, I registered for Gunner Shaw today (the Victoria version). I am pretty excited to be back on the Island and running in Thetis Lake. I am hoping that the puddle won't have ice on it this year, as that was not much fun last fall.
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