Sunday, November 11, 2007

Yours To Discover

For those who remember this slogan from Ontario, it applies well to my life here right now. At least my running life.

I had 1:45 on the schedule today, but after being awoken by loud voices intruding into my bedroom via the slightly open window, my motivation was still sleeping. The looming clouds across the inlet also reminded me that Vancouver is going to be wet for the next few months, and that there is no escaping the falling water. I preoccupied myself with some email and some web surfing in an effort to escape the run, but knowing that it was only going to get worse as the day wore on, I donned my running garb and grabbed my iPod, knowing that four episodes of Pardon The Interruption would help me get through the run.

I decided to explore the Baden Powell trail because it is famous and runs the entire length of the North Shore. I have not really had a chance to run on it yet as weekend races have made it difficult to get out for longer trail runs. But this idea allowed me to have a focus on the run and, with a focus, I drove to the bottom of Lynn Canyon and found my way to the trail. I went east, toward Deep Cove, and was astounded. It was very rocky and rooty, and quite wet, but incredibly beautiful. This is the trail that the Knee Knacker follows, so thoughts of the race danced in my head as I stepped lightly over wet roots and rocks, and bridges spanning gorges of fast flowing rapids. I am excited to continue to explore this new (to me) trail over the coming months and, hopefully, have a good race on it come June.

Duration - 1:45 EZ (680m ascent)

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