Saturday, November 10, 2007

Meanwhile, back at the track...

Brad was completing his first track workout in a very long time. In another life, the track was an integral part of his weekly routine - being driven out to Centennial Stadium in Oshawa to train with the Durham XL's. Jason Brumley and Jason Bacchiochi (sp?) kicking his butt all over the place. Hurdles and 400s were his race, but now, years have passed, and even though the sun was shining in rainy Vancouver, this was not going to be like it was.

The blue track of Point Grey Secondary School was inviting and everyone that showed up for the 9:15am start left and completed their warm up. The coach, John Hill, gave pace times to the group and started them off. Brad was to run 69 second 400's for this 10 x 400m workout.

It started a little slow, with a 73 second first quarter. During the 200m recovery (about 1:45) he reminisced about how easy 67s had used to feel. This reminiscing was cut short by the start of the second interval. The running didn't feel laboured or overly difficult, but the turnover and stride length were hiding. They would hide until about the 6th interval when they would emerge, after which 67s felt easy again.

The workout ended with a long talk with Coach about the plans for the the next year and the next two weeks of running. A beautiful morning on the track and in the fresh and pleasantly dry Vancouver air.

10 x 400 on 200m recovery (avg recovery 1:50)

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