Thursday, November 15, 2007

Thursday Workout

Tonight was back at Stanley Park with the VFAC crew. 4 x 800m with two hills in each repeats and one stride uphill during the recovery. The light rain was tenable and the wind was enough to keep you cursing. I started controlled as I was unfamiliar with the workout and the terrain. Both Simon Driver and Paul Korchak were coming off big runs this Monday and so I was able to hang around them for most of the workout. This was fun, especially knowing that I won't be that close to them very often.

I held 3:00 flat for my first three and then descended to 2:54 for the last one. Legs felt strong and it was great to have those two out in front as it gave me a chance to play with my stride and see the effects. I definitely have to shorten my stride for the uphills as I was able to stay with them easier when I did this. It feels weird, but it worked. A good workout overall, and I am feeling good about running right now.

On another note....

Paging Jim Finlayson. I have a question for you.

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