Monday, February 05, 2007

How to Catch a Fin(n)

I started the night with one, but ended up snagging two.

I went out for my recovery run this evening,
toqueless for the first time in a winter's age. I set out, feeling brisk as I rubbed Terry's foot and proceeded toward the breakwater. It was on the way back from the signal light that I saw a fastee (to steal a term) speed by along Dallas Rd. Thinking that it might the one and only Jim Finlayson, I quickened my pace in hopes of catching him.

Now, you must understand that on a good day, Jim's base running pace is my tempo, so for me to make up the 300m or so would be a Herculean effort, but one possibly worthy for the

I emerged from
the breakwater fence and worked up to a 3k pace. In my haste I had failed to remember that heading back toward Beacon Hill Park from the breakwater is a consistent uphill. I was reminded of this about 2 minutes later when my heartrate had spiked through the roof and I was not making up anytime on this elusive runner.

Thoughts about the identity of this runner began to consume me. It didn't seem like Jim as I had closed the gap to 290m - too much heel kick. Trevor O'Brien, an easterner with a penchant for running fast? The thought stayed with me for a little bit until I recalled that T
O'B runs with a high knee drive, not heel kick. (one thing about Victoria is that you begin to recognize people by their running gait - what a weird place) I put in a sustained push until I came within 20m and saw the writing on the wall (or shirt as it were). Frontrunners Westshore printed on the back of a Mizuno shirt.

"Findlay!" I gasped. Eric Findlay turned quickly to see me panting and trying to keep my legs under me. 2km later I had caught my Fin, although not the one I had initially pursued. Eric kindly ran with me for a bit before sauntering off at a pace I hope to hold for 10k sometime soon.

To catch the other Finn, you need only bait him
Guinness and video games. It worked perfectly. He is much slower in the Xbox world than in reality.

Duration: 32:07
Route: Waterfront Recovery
Intensity: Super Easy, Super Hard, Recover

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Billy Jack said...

Hi Brad,

Glad to se that you are writing more.

Hope that all is good with you in Victoria.

I'm getting used to Vancouver and it's not been at all bad, though I get homesick for my homeboys and girls.