Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sweaty Talk

A quick update.

Last night was fun - two clinics. The first with staff and students from school, getting all dirty running hills on Mt. Doug. Then off to Lotbiniere with the Frontrunners clinic, running hills again.

Duration: 2:02:04 in total (with coaching)
Fun Level: wooden roller coaster

Tonight I was on the breakwater when I realized that there was a distinct possibility that I was going to be late for a talk I was to give to the First Steps/Next Steps clinic at Frontrunners. My base run turned to tempo. I made, albeit sweaty, to pass on what little knowledge I have about running to those just starting out. It really is inspiring to see people making a change in their lifestyle!

Duration: 45:06
Intensity: Unexpected

In more boring news, I got my Brooks racing kit today. A singlet and short shorts. Should be a sight at the Cedar 12k on Sunday.


Michael said...

I'm looking forward to the sight...

Ways of the Warrior said...

Since when were you a Brooks guy? Guess I've been fairly out-of-the-loop over here.

Good luck,