Friday, February 09, 2007

Running into people

One of the things that I will miss most about Victoria, if I ever leave, is running into people.

Of course not the literal.

I was about 27 minutes into my forced run when I saw a friend come out of the blue and start running about 20m in front of me. As he too was knee-deep in a recovery run, it wasn't hard to catch him. We ran together for the next half-hour, talking leisurely about life and running and racing. It was unexpected but very welcome for a dry, somewhat mild, and partly cloudy evening.

After dropping him off at his house I ran home, finishing up just shy of an hour. Like Mike, I felt good in the latter parts of the run tonight. Tomorrow is Club Mud and then racing on Sunday.

Duration: 57:50
Intensity: No
Fun: Yes

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