Tuesday, February 20, 2007

It wasn't raining...

It was sleeting. At least it was at first. I only noticed it when I looked down at my gloves, about 30 seconds into the run, and noticed that there were white things on it. Shortly after that, my thighs started to freeze underneath my quickly dampening pants. Mike had said on the phone that I should have run a half-hour ago - I quickly saw why. It wasn't sleeting then.

The irony was that it wasn't sleeting at the end of the 45 minute run with Mike either. It seems we had timed it perfectly. The run felt awful for the first 5 minutes, bad for the next 15, and then somewhat normal. I took yesterday off and every time I take a day off running, I am quickly reminded how much of a "feel" sport running is. Swim coaches say that it takes three practices to make up for every one missed, and I wonder if running is similar to that. It is not about the fitness, because no fitness will be lost in one day of rest, but rather the feel of the road, the synchronicity of arms and legs and foot strike fades a little with each passing hour of not running.

I didn't make my double today. Again, this grey persistent rain does not inspire me to drag my tired body out of a warm bed. I am person who will change when I feel pressure to do so, and I guess I am content with the way my training is going at this moment, so the urgent need to add a second run to the day has yet to hit. I will sit down over the next week and draw up a more detailed training plan than the nebulous one I have in my head right now. Once I have a detailed plan, then the elusive doubles will (hopefully) fall into place.

Duration - 47:01
AHR - 147 bpm
Weather - Sleet, then rain, then wind and rain, then wind, then sun, then cloud, then sun and wind, then cloud and wind.

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