Friday, February 16, 2007


Tonight's jaunt started with an email I sent to Hicham this afternoon asking about his plan tonight. I was looking for a running partner for this evening and Hicham was game. I left the apartment around 5:00pm, after the rain had eased, and headed out to Oak Bay to pick him up. Unfortunately, Hicham was held up in a minor emergency, so after waiting for a couple of minutes I continued on my sojourn sans ami.

I decided to run back from Oak Bay along the water, turning toward the Oak Bay Marina and continuing Cook and Dallas, via King George Terrace. It was a quiet evening, the still air moist with the day's rain coating the road and sidewalk. I felt good throughout the run and like Mike mentioned in his post today, I noticed my heart rate was lower than I thought it should have been for the speed I was going. I too will monitor things over the next little while, but this should just be an indication that my body is responding to training stimulus. That would be cool.

Duration - 1:06:06
AHR - 148bpm
Shoes - Brooks Glycerin 5 with MoGo! Yee-haw!
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