Sunday, February 18, 2007

Weekend Antics

Saturday is reserved for running with Club Mud. This group of adventurous trail runners trusts me with their training and in return for their trust they get to run in both beautiful and ridiculous places. This weekend it was time for the ridiculous. As we are in an "Adaptation Week" (renamed from "Rest Week" because many clinic members don't believe in rest), it was a relaxed 80 minutes around town. However, as the goal race we are training for is basically two long hills (see the new link for the Iron Knee 25k), I wanted to get some hill training while surrounded by concrete. This called for parking garages. And so we went out to find as many parking garages and stairs as we could find. Five parking garages later we made our way home, having viewed the city from a perspective few take the time to find. The city looks much different, much quieter, from roof level. Older. Wiser. You can almost look into its history from the roofs and read the lives of the people who built these aged buildings.

This morning brought an opportunity to run with Jasper Blake. My runs with him last year were some of the most important training runs I had. The fitness that I took out of those long Sunday morning tempo runs carried me through the ENDURrun and through my fall races. Jazz went on to win Ironman Canada in August, so we were excited to start up the runs again. He was coming off an illness, so we kept the tempo pretty low this morning. We chatted easily about life, training, business as a professional athlete and holding true to your honour and ethics. He also gave me some good advice regarding preparation and racing for the 55k run in Iceland. Overall, a great run. I am looking forward to two weeks from now when Jazz is feeling better and we churn out a 90 minute tempo holding 3:45-3:50s. Should be awesome!

We won our soccer game this afternoon and then I had a good dinner with Sonja at Samuel's by the Bay, part of Dine Around Victoria. I didn't make it to Todd's party - sorry Todd - as I was bagged and ready for bed at 9:00pm. And this begins a new week of training.

Duration - 1:20:00
AHR - 117 bpm

Total for the week
Duration 8:48 hrs
PBs - One; 12k 43:05
Doubles - None (yet)

New week

Duration - 1:40:00
AHR - 155 bpm


Anonymous said...

Hey Brad...

Bob Jackman here.....I saw on you're schedule that you are going to be going back to the this true!!???



Anonymous said...

fix typo...

YOUR schedule

Unknown said...


Good to hear from you! The ENDURrun is tenatively on the schedule. There is a decent chance I am going to Iceland to do an Ultra, and then travel Europe for the summer, in which case the ENDURrun would not happen. But if I don't go to Europe, then I will be at the ENDURrun for sure. How is your training going?

Anonymous said...


I am planning on going back to the ENDURrun, so hopefully I will see you there. The training is going pretty well. I will be running the Boston Marathon in April. I ran a 10 miler this past weekend, and got a PR(B) my old 10 miler PR was from I think I am in pretty good shape. It seems you are doing well. Keep up the good work.

Talk to you soon