Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Two times

A bunch of my peers are running doubles now (read: running in the morning and the evening). I have pondered joining them in this routine. I have spoken to well read runners and they suggest that to start seeing real improvement I should be running nine times a week. It was with this in mind that I started to consider running on Tuesday and Thursday mornings. Considered...

It is now three weeks since I "considered" this for the first time. I ran a double today, but a different kind. I double coached. I have two clinics that I am coaching and they both occur on Wednesdays, about an hour after each other. So it was from the rain in the afternoon that I made my way to Frontrunners to coach the Club Mud/Marathon/Half Marathon kids. The first run was fun - another teacher and three hyper grade nine boys amusing us as they splashed puddles at each other. The night run was more serene - no rain and running in circles. My legs felt surprisingly good during the second run. Not the conventional double, but it works.

Tomorrow is Thursday. I am running with Hicham and Hugh Trenchard for a tempo workout. They are both quite strong, so I am excited to see if I can hold on. I am curious to see how the morning approaches - with or without a run.

Duration: Rain Run - 59:08
Not Rain Run - 45:05

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Anonymous said...

There were some puddles in the evening run as well... I know, I got in trouble for "splashing" the people around me. Guess they aren't all Club Mudders.