Sunday, February 25, 2007

Quick Update


Clinic runs went well. Ran with the Reynolds crew and then with the Frontrunners Clinic. I am always inspired after leaving clinics - the effort and progress that everyone is making reminds me why running is powerful.

Duration - 1:20 (combined)


A combination of busy-ness and fatigue and more important priorities required a day off.


A killer workout with Mike.
8 x (4 minutes hard/2 minutes easy) holding 5:27min/mile pace (3:23 min/km), which equates to a 33:50 10k, which would be a personal best. The good part of the workout was that I felt strong. I was working, but still felt strong. It was great to be running fast (for me) with someone, although I may get used to camaraderie thus making my solo runs harder to do.

Duration - 1:36


Ran at Church* with Club Mud. It was a glorious day, although a blown down tree took out one of our crew. She is ok, but is now much closer to nature than she thought she already was. The day was great and the creek cold, but it is a pleasure to show everyone the amazing trails of Victoria.

Duration - 2:17

Week Summary
Duration - 7:49
Sessions - 6
Days Off - 2


Hatley Castle 8k has been my nemesis for a few years now. Last year I ran two hours before finishing off with the race. The year prior it was my first race after a long lay off. It is a hilly monster that will own you if you don't show her enough respect. I had come off a couple of days of solid training, so I was concerned about how my legs would react to the hills. As it turned out they liked it. Not an amazing time, but I held the same pace that I did at the Mill Bay 10k a month ago. This is exciting as the Hatley course is not conducive to fast running. I am entering this week riding a wave of confidence in my training. The Around the Bay 30k is fast approaching, and with a couple more longer runs I should be ready to run well there. At least, I hope so.

Duration - 28:16 for 8k
- 25:00/15:00 warm up/cool down

* - Thetis Lake, as described by Simon circa 2002

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