Sunday, February 04, 2007


Trevor (of the Haligonian Millar Clan) once said that he would hang up on anyone who went to the other line to answer a beep for more than 20 seconds. If they took more time than that, they weren't his friend. I wonder what he would say to being on hold for two months?

The boys at three.roads have inspired me to continue to write about my running experiences. It is in the day in day out world of training that the breakthroughs occur. Some of the malaise in my writing comes from the idea that I would bore people about the daily rigours of putting one foot in front of another, but sometimes there are moments that make the grind something grander.

Heading out in the rain is not one of my favourite things, but, as I tell people who come into the store looking for waterproof jackets to run in, once you are out running you will be wet from rain or sweat at which point nothing else matters. It is the process of getting wet that frightens me, but once I am soaked through it's great.

I tried avoiding the raindrops at Gowlland Tod provincial park today. I was thinking of taking Club Mud out there next week, but in my absence, I swear that the park grew a hill. When starting from McKenzie Bight, the Timberman Trail has a 15 minute climb to welcome you to your run. I was expecting more storm damage, but not expecting the hill to be bigger than my memory recalled. About halfway up I heeded the latent concern I heard in Rozee's voice when mentioning that we were going to Gowlland Tod next week, and decided that we would not make that the second trail run for the group. We will come back to it.

I ran out Jocelyn Hill where I enjoyed a spectacular view of the inlet (I believe it is the Saanich inlet, but I am not sure - it divides the peninsula from the Malahat). As I emerged from the forest I stood above cloud that looked to be falling in on itself, floating downward toward the water, as though the ocean itself was inhaling. The sky was a West Coast winter grey and the rain seemed to pause in the air for that minute, holding its position so that I alone could absorb the phenomenon. It was at that moment that I was happy that the rain had permeated me.

I ran out, a little lighter for the experience, finishing my visit and paying respect to the fallen trees.

Duration: 2h 09m
Venue: McKenzie Bight to Jocelyn Hill, looping Jocelyn twice
Company: the rain, the trees, the clouds

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Michael said...

Glad you're back, now slow down and I'll run with you.