Monday, January 14, 2008

I used to work in Chicago....

Well not really, but if there are any rugby players out there, they may recognize the beginning of a song...

But it is VERY windy here today.  And there was even blue sky.  Amazing.  

I got the program from Coach this evening and it called for a tempo run tomorrow.  However, I am going with Sonja to a movie gala for high school student movie projects tomorrow evening, so I wouldn't be able to fit the tempo in.  That meant that it was me and treadmill tonight.  

I ran up to the gym and finished my warm up on the treadmill.  The workout called for 12k at 3:40/km pace, which works out to 44:00 minutes.  Last week's 10k at 3:45/km didn't go so hot, so I was unsure of what to expect tonight.  I ran long yesterday and did strength in the afternoon, so I was carrying some fatigue but I reminded myself about the ENDURrun and how I would have to run hard on tired legs.  I also tried to remain positive about my other workouts last week that went better than I had hoped.  It was in this mindset that I pressed the increase speed button until it read 10.2 miles/hr.  

I settled into the pace and listened to a couple of podcasts.  Time definitely moves slower on a treadmill and I began to lose focus, with some negative self-talk creeping into my mind.  Nothing terrible, but just wondering about if I could do the whole workout, wondering about why I was tired, wondering if everyone else felt this slow on a treadmill.  Usually, 3:40's are comfortably quick for me, but I felt as though I was having to run fast to keep up.  Podcasts finished and started and my heart rate kept creeping up, from 165 to 175.  It was at 36 minutes that I finally pulled the plug and ran my cool down home in the cold windy night.

Not a bad workout, but I am not pleased that I wasn't able to complete it.  I can look at the reasons (long run yesterday, tired legs, not the greatest nutrition today), and the I ran faster and longer than last week, but still, you know how it is.  I could have physically done it, but it would have been hard and I wasn't mentally ready to go there.  Oh well, at least the training is in the bank now.

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