Friday, January 18, 2008

A little whine and cheese

Not in the "27 Dresses" kind of cheese.  And no real whining, except for the soreness in my chest from the strength workout today.  

Sonja and I just participated in a wine tasting festival at Sun Peaks Resort, featuring BC Wines from all over the province.  Yes, that means that I am away for the weekend with some snowboarding on the calendar.  But before that, we wandered around Sun Peaks village this evening trying some 30 different wines, with probably 13 Icewines (WOW, are some of them good - most notably an organic one from Summerhill which we found out retails $104, no wonder we liked it!).  It was a great evening and I am looking forward to hitting the hills tomorrow.

Today's workout - Strength training and core

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