Saturday, January 19, 2008

Well, I didn't not almost puncture a lung

It was after lunch and I was snowboarding on my own since Sonja had gone to take her lesson for the afternoon.  I love the glades and so that is where I spent my afternoon, weaving in and out of trees.

Most of the runs were great, but it only takes once.  I was nearing the end of the glade section and was carrying a little too much speed.  When this occurs I try to stop before the next crest of snow to regroup and plan my route.  This time, however, there was a fallen tree hidden under the snow.  I pulled up, and just as I was coming to a complete stop, my edge caught the hidden tree, sending me down the lip backwards.  Usually this is fine, especially in powder snow, but there was a broken branch sticking right up, placed there by the almighty himself to remind me not to get too cocky.  I landed on the upright branch, about two fingers thick, on my left ribs, right where my arm would have been had it not been outstretched in an attempt to regain balance.  

After coming to (I have to make it sound bad because it still hurts) I was gasping a little, and with what little breath I had I was cursing.  I knew I had not punctured my skin, so I worked it out that I if my skin wasn't punctured, then it was likely that my left lung was fine.  But man, is there going to be a bruise!

The rest of my day was great.  The snow here is quite good and it was fun to be on the board again.  It was also fun to Sonja be in slight awe of how much mountain there is here - not like Boler in London.

Day 2 tomorrow!

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