Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Tempo runs are hard

I forgot.

For the last month I have been having fun with running. I have gone for long easy runs in the trails and had fun with learning how to snowshoe. I have worn at heart rate monitor, but not worried too much about it.

Tonight, Coach had me down for a flat 10k tempo at 3:45/km pace, of which I had time to do 30 minutes. Having enjoyed my runs on the treadmill for the past few nights, I thought that I would head down to the gym and run there. I got on the treadmill and warmed, thinking that I would cruise through the tempo.

In the past month of playing with my running, I forgot that running a sustained pace is hard. I am not sure if I lost some speed (likely) or fitness (maybe some, but not much), but holding 3:45 on the treadmill got my heart rate up quite a bit. I am going to have to learn more about treadmill running. I am beginning to think that it is similar to being on a wind-trainer with my bike, where I am not able to coast or relax at all, and as a result, the workout is a little bit harder, although not as specific. It was a good wake up call, as Thursday's workout will be.

Workout: 30 min @ 3:45/km + 3k warm up
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