Friday, January 11, 2008

Oh Canucks

Took in the Canucks game at GM Place tonight.  It was fun to be at an arena again as I haven't been to an NHL game in at least nine years.  Unfortunately, the Canucks did not play that well and ended up losing 4-3.  However, I got to be in the same building as one of my heroes - Wayne Gretzky.  Phoenix was in town for the game and to see the Great One behind the bench made the lackluster performance of the Canucks more palatable. 

As I was at the game tonight there was no run for me today.  I am meeting Simon and Eric for a snowshoe workout tomorrow morning, so that should be fun (and by fun I mean very very hard).

As well, since I am an English teacher I should be encouraging everyone to read.  To that end I am going to start an ongoing list of books I am currently reading and you may get periodic updates in a post.  Please feel free to comment on the books (without spoiling them) and share your honest opinions of them in the comments section.  As well, please recommend books for me to read as well.  I have a shelf of books that I have to start working on, but knowing about a good book is never bad.

I have just finished the last of the His Dark Materials trilogy by Philip Pullman.  Most people will know this series from the recently released, and much talked about movie, The Golden Compass.  I was a little unsure of the media commentary on atheism and not being one for censorship I was a little concerned when the Toronto Catholic School Board started to pull the books from their libraries, but after finishing the series, I have a better understanding as to why.  It is a surprisingly religious series, but you don't really see it until the third installment.  The writing got better throughout the series and the layered worlds are much more intricate than that of Hogwarts.  Definitely a darker series for the kids (or older kids) out there, so be aware that there are many challenging moments for younger (and older) readers.  I enjoyed the trilogy, but it took me a little while to get into the story, so if you decide to read it, be patient.

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