Monday, January 28, 2008

Race Hangover

After the race yesterday I saw Coach John and he gave me my schedule for the next two weeks.  When he gave it to me I was pretty pleased to see an easy 10k on the schedule tonight, but as the high for today got up to 1 degree celsius, I wasn't as happy when I was heading out the door. (Again, a reminder of two things - I have become a wimpy BC'er, and my friends in Ontario are amazing for getting out the door on their frigid evenings!)

The run started out well enough, but it takes a race to remind you how easy easy runs are supposed to be.  About 10 minutes I slowed right down and tried to enjoy the run, but each step was a little more difficult than the last.  I felt lethargic and heavy and uncoordinated.  I cannot attribute all of this to the race yesterday, but it is a wake up call to the toll that the body takes when racing hard.  I haven't eaten that well today and I was not great on the hydration.  As well, I didn't eat soon enough after the race yesterday.  It is all about the details, and I didn't pay enough attention to them yesterday, resulting in a bit of a race hangover today.

However, I did find a cool post on Boston when I got home and it got me excited to continue to train for it!

What to expect from Boston - by Raymond Britt

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