Saturday, January 26, 2008


While my 8k race is tomorrow (and the snow is falling hard right now), I have already won.

That's right.  I won.  A ratchet set.

Wait for it....

From a Thai restaurant.

Since I moved to the west coast about seven years ago, I have been in love with Thai food.  While living in Victoria I ate at an amazing Thai place - My Thai Cafe - no fewer than two times per week (sometimes up to four times, but usually twice).  Since moving to Burnaby I have been experimenting with different places here in the hope of finding one as good as My Thai Cafe.  After having a few ok experiences, I have found one that will suffice.  It is not as good as My Thai, but it has quite good phad thai and their red curry is decent.

The restaurant here, Tom Yum Thai, has recently undergone a bit of a face lift.  The orange and yellow had been replaced by two shades of green.  The thai karaoke is used as their stereo, so it is with background Backstreet Boys that I usually enter the long, narrow restaurant.  This time though, the music was off, and the bar on the right held two new boxes - Tom Yum Thai had started to run contests.  The box on the right was the one that I was able to enter - if you spend more than $20 you have a chance to win a prize.  Not knowing what the prize was, but having spent $22, I was not going to miss out on my chance.  I folded my ballot in the special way and put into the contest box, not thinking anymore about it as the sweet smell of phad thai wafting up from the white plastic bag in which they were stacked.  

Fast forward to this afternoon.  The phone rings unexpectedly.  I answer.

"Hello.  Is this Brad?"
"Uh.  Yes.."
"Hello Brad.  I am Tom from Tom Yum Thai restaurant.  You have won our contest!"
"Wow, that is great."
"Yes, congratulations.  You won the ratchet set from 22 entries!"
"Wow, that is great."

Meanwhile, Sonja was hoping for a drill.  But that is coming from the Indian restaurant down the street.

Oh yeah.  I snowshoed at Grouse today.  It was great, especially since there was daylight!  AND AND AND I got my new snowshoes for being with Team Atlas for the snowsh
oe race season!  I will take pics soon (because I know that you are dying to see the snowshoes!)

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