Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Snow Day!

Well, for most of Vancouver it was, but not for the New Westminster School District.  Our school district stayed opened, which is good as there are provincial exams going on, but it also meant that I had to get my butt to school through a foot or so of snow.  

But that was all after my run this morning.  With the fresh fallen snow laid out before me, I put on the YakTrax, my mini-gaiters, and bundled up in my new SmartWool base layer and Brooks gear and braved the snow!

Those are my footprints heading out this morning.

Today was supposed to be a 25k base run.  I was planning on going skiing in the afternoon with Sonja, and we have another Dine Out Vancouver dinner tonight (we are going to The Fish House), so I needed to get my run in in the morning.  I planned my route and started.  It was actually quite fun for the first 15 minutes, but after being crushed with slush from a passing 18 wheeler on Ironworkers' Memorial Bridge, the fun became "challenge" very quickly.  I had planned a route that I have run before (from my place across Lion's Gate Bridge and back), but that changed as the ground made it difficult to hit the required distance.  

I turned home at 55 minutes and made it back for a run of 1:50.  I am glad I got it in because if ever there was a day to skip a long run, it would have been today.  The run itself didn't feel great, but there were obvious reasons for that.

I also got an email from Gray about being sponsored by Brooks again this year.  We are going to meet in a couple of weeks.  I am excited about the new shoes for this year - they look very sexy!  I am proud to be wearing Brooks and invite you to visit BrooksRunning.ca to learn more about their biodegradable midsole! (Ok, that was geeky runner talk.)

Brooks Glycerin 6 (Daily Training Shoe)

Brooks Cascadia 3 (Trail Shoe)

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