Thursday, January 10, 2008

Oh Vancouver

Vancouver - where there is 54 hours of sunshine in the month of January.  Vancouver - where 4 degrees feels like -2.  Vancouver - where rain falls like, well, rain. 

It hasn't been sunny here this week.  In fact, I think that it has only been not raining for 5 hours this week.  I knew this when I entered into this relationship with Vancouver, but just because you know about it doesn't make it easier.  

So it was into her cold rain that I stepped tonight, joining VFAC again for the first time since November.  We did what I now know as the Aquarium workout - basically 4 x 800m with two decent hills in it.  I did this workout about two months ago and was surprised this evening when I was only a couple of seconds off the times from then.  And this evening was drenching rain and I was running on my own, unlike the first time where I was trying desperately to stay with Paul and Simon.  It was a good workout this evening and it restored some of my confidence, knowing that I haven't lost that much over the past month.

I also had a chat with Chris, another VFAC friend, about how I am going to approach Boston.  While this is subject to change, after talking it through with him, I have decided to have a good go at Boston.  The turning point was verbalizing the alternative - just running Boston for fun and then coming back and racing Vancouver.  That would mean that I would run 42.2k for Boston, three weeks later I would race Vancouver, 7 weeks later I would race a 30 mile/5.5 hour trail race, followed by a seven day, 100 mile race 4 weeks after that.  Saying it out loud to Chris, and having his input, made me realize that that is A LOT of long racing.  I have only ever run 1 marathon in a year, let alone four in five months.  So, I will look to Boston to set a PB, but not worry about a blistering fast time.  I like this plan and should have some fun with it!

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